Friday, April 27, 2012


Sometimes a simple shadow can produce a dramatic image.
I went outside this morning to photograph the forsythia petals I had been looking at out my window for the past week and thinking about how to shoot them--actually to post on my other blog, Recovery Thru My Lens
When I finally got out there with my camera, I looked through the viewfinder (yes, I still use it), saw my shadow and started to move out of the way. Then I envisioned some dynamic images that my friend, Robyn has been posting on her blog, Through the Healing Lens, that she calls Pain Shadow, and stayed put.
Here is the result. When I reviewed the 10 frames taken, I found this one most interesting; how it appears like I'm attached to the tree and how the greatest concentration of petals fall within the outline of my head and arm supporting the camera.
Coincidence or not, you tell me?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

As I toted my two grandsons from booth to booth at an Earth Day celebration in Westhampton yesterday, we encountered this Great Horned Owl, named Hooter, courtesy of the Quogue Wildlife Rescue. Clinging to a wooden perch, he was hanging out in broad daylight for all to see his topaz eyes, feathery ears and camouflage coat. 
Fortunately, I had stuffed my camera in the diaper bag, so I grabbed it and moved up close. Swiveling his head around 180 degrees, I waited until he faced me eye to eye and started shooting. 
At first, the images were quite formal, the typical bird portrait you might see on a nature calendar. But after a while, perhaps 15 frames, it seemed that Hooter relaxed and became more comfortable with me, that we developed a repoire.  It seems that birds of a feather do flock together...
To read a personal reflection on Hooter go to Wisdom on Recovery Thru My Lens.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Generally, there's a misconception about photographing in the rain. That being, why bother?
A few weekends ago, I was on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to see a play, Hindsight by Simon Van Booy, a friend of mine from graduate school. Although it was gray and gloomy outside and I knew we'd be indoors for most of the time, I carried my camera with me. 
After the performance, we headed south walking between the raindrops along Broadway and passing Fairway where I used to buy groceries years before when I lived in the neighborhood right after graduating from college.
For old-time sake, I raised my camera and captured this scene just as a taxi zoomed by. Besides its personal nostalgia, I love how the yellow and orange complements the blue awning---and how the cloudy sky works as a giant diffuser balancing the light and making the colors pop so naturally...

Sunday, April 8, 2012


There's nothing like spontaneity. At first glance, one might think that I toted this little boy to Central Park's Conservancy Garden, placed him beside these tulips and said, "sniff." But that's not the case.
I was visiting the gardens with a friend from Denver when I spotted this sight. Fortunately, my medium-format camera was hanging around my neck. And luckily, I had the presence of mind to ask his parents to sign a model release after I took this photograph. Six years later, I still marvel at the image and my good luck.
Visit my more personal blog, Recovery Thru My Lens, where you can see how this photograph has inspired me years later.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sometimes the best pictures can be found right around the corner. This image, my quintessential Spring photograph, was taken five years ago as I was travelling home along a stretch of road where by some miracle the farmland has been preserved and the one or two farmers left have not sold out to Hamptons developers. So each Spring I marvel at this pristine sight as the pastels emerge.
Taken with my medium-format camera, it's a good example of how film captures the subtleties and nuances of color and detail rendering a warmth and richness that's beyond digital technology. Now, that's my opinion...
And checkout my second blog--Recovery Thru My Lens--launched last week, that's more personal and inspirational, where I compose a brief poem for each image. Right now it's featuring the same one which may occur sometimes, sometimes not---I haven't quite decided since it's still a work in progress. So if you are so inspired, you can follow me there too...