Monday, March 26, 2012


I spend a lot of time walking my dog. So it's no wonder that while I was down in Savannah this Phantom appeared to me. As she approached, I stood steady focusing on the flower that bloomed so red in January. When I started the project, I focused on the background to render some clarity and contrast. But as the series has progressed, I've found that I needn't be so rigid, that I just need to find what's most important to the scene. Here I've chosen the hibiscus flowering in winter.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Yesterday in Washington Square Park, the sun came out late in the afternoon giving me a preview of spring. Not only did throngs of people appear in their spring gear, performers materialized wherever I looked. There was a young man playing the grand piano, another the violin, and even a third playing a saw, yes a saw. But it was this fellow circling a hoop up and down his rubbery body that captivated me.As I watched him move through my lens, he began to disappear into one of my Phantoms. It wasn't until I viewed the images last nite that I noticed how a sunbeam had obfuscated his head.New or old readers, please notice the new Follower gadget on the right making it easier for people to follow me; so please click on it and encourage others to join you! Thanks!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


During the past week or so I have been editing the Phantom images that I took while on my trip down south last month. After going on a photography trip, it's best to let your work rest for a while before taking a serious look. That rest provides distance from the personal experience and allows you to develop an objective viewpoint towards the imagery.
Here is a perfect example of an image that I might have discarded at first if I didn't give it some time. In my viewfinder, it had appeared as a fuzzy white blob in the center of the frame at its inception. It wasn't until I projected it on my monitor that I could appreciate how she had sprouted wings and swirled down the staircase mirroring the blacks, white, and grey tones around her. Now, this angel has become one of my favorites!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Forsyth Park

Back to my trip down south last month, here's an image of the Spanish moss hanging over Forsyth Park in the heart of Savannah. There are many factors coming into play that make this pleasing to the eye: the moss framing the top, the woman and her bicycle providing a focal point to the right, and the silver and green cooling the palate.
It feels so much like a tapestry to me that I'm planning to use it as the backdrop for a new collage. Since starting that series called Out of Whack last summer, I haven't come across the right image to inspire a new piece. So I'm excited to get to work!
Also, if you're an artist and would like to create a blog something like this, I'm giving a workshop, Blogging for Artists, next Saturday at the East End Arts School. Details are here in the News section!