Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hanging Out

As I cover my office equipment, pack up my photo albums and before I move my computer upstairs to higher ground before Hurricane Irene hits tomorrow, I thought about this collage completed last month and now hanging over the reference desk at the Westhampton Library until Sept 1st.
Called Hanging Out, its background is a composite of three images taken in Guatamala of a volcano. Yes, that's real lava that we were allowed to hike up to and even touch if we dared on a group trip taken there in 2008. And the characters floating on its crest are people I've come in contact with over the years.
Anticipating the course of the next two days, it seems that after we've bought flashlights, batteries, candles and peanut butter, there's not much more we can all do but hang out, hope for the best and see what happens...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


After a week of the most glorious weather of the summer, it's a rainy Sunday when I have to admit I'm content to stay indoors, catch up on my reading, my blog, and perhaps do not much more than watch the rain fall.
Here's an image taken with my telephoto lens through my front window at f5.6 to emphasize the drops of water falling on the leaf. I could get much closer with a macro lens, but since I don't need to get super close (and don't own one), a telephoto is sufficient. Another reason this lens is a good choice is that the longer focal length further enhances the shallow depth of field.
Following a busy summer of framing and mounting work for several shows, it's nice to get back to making new images...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Purple Ponds

The hum of the crickets, the scent of the sea spray, the intensity of the light are all signs of August. Here's an image taken in 2005 not far from Orient on the North Fork around this time of year.
It's currently on view as part of an exhibit, THREE WOMEN--Photographic Renditions, now hanging at the Westhampton Library in Westhampton Beach thru Sept.1st.
It features many of my Long Island landscapes-- exquisite hand-painted photographs by Mia Wisnoski and Elizabeth Holmes, two fellow photographs from the area.
My new triptych collages including Romp posted here last month are also on view. It will be fun to pop into the library this month and see how the patrons are responding to the new direction of my work. Details regarding the show are listed here in the News section on the right.
Also Phantoms at Art Sites has been extended an extra week, so if you haven't made it to Riverhead, there's still time!