Monday, August 27, 2012


Although I complain about too much technology to the point of creating an entire collection, called Phantoms, to show how it's the demise of society as I've known it, here's an instance where it definitely came in handy.
When I go to the beach lugging beach chairs, umbrella, towels, books, etc, I leave my camera behind to lighten the load and avoid damaging my equipment. However, now that the i-Phone takes such good pictures, I can whip it out if I see something I can't resist.
Sure, I can't control the f-stop, shutter speed or the focus and the file size is limited, but when there's a choice between capturing the image or not, I  succumb.
In this case, if I would have waited to return the next day with my Canon, this creature would certainly have been washed away.
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Monday, August 20, 2012


Here's yet another of my classic beachscapes that I'm writing about for the first time. Like the others, it was taken just after sunset---but at Cupsogue Beach County Park at the end of Weshampton Dunes. Notice how the red fence stands out against the green grass and blue sky. Perfect complements further enriched by the last few moments of twilight. 
It's rare to find a moment of universal harmony like this---the reason why it seems to be a perennial favorite. I've saved it for the last month of summer so I can savor it through the end of the season....always a bit melancholy no matter how long I've lived here on the East End.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Here's another summer classic taken on the North Fork. One aspect of many of these landscapes is that they are taken just after the sun dips below the horizon. During those few twilight moments, the colors saturate and the earth glows pink and purple.
What stikes me most about this image is that the beach plums, usually hot pink, are white and appear to be praying at the waterside. I've written a poem called Whisper to accompany this image that you can read on Recovery Thru My Lens....enjoy!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Sorry to have missed a week of posting here. Here's one of my classic images taken several years back that I usually call Pink Sound but today I'm calling it Wonderland as a tribute to the East End where I've lived for almost 25 years.
As a photographer, I'm so grateful to this part of the world for its breathtaking beaches, intricate land formations and most of all, wonderful light. Sometimes I long for the city streets where there's so much action and so many faces to feast on, but then I picture images like this and remember why I'm here.

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